08 September, 2009

Experiences using the ADP1 on AT&T Network

I have had the Android Developer Phone (ADP1) for about 9 months now. I have been using it on the AT&T pay as you go plan with pretty good success. So far here is what I have discovered with regard to this combo:

* The phone works fine on the AT&T network for making and receiving calls.
* The AT&T data plan is a pretty good deal. For $20 you get 100MB for 1 month - which lasts well beyond the month for me.
* Downloading and installing both free and paid apps works fine.

* No 3G. I've only had EDGE access. Perhaps I need to re-configure my APN, but I heard that the G1 does not support the 3G frequencies necessary for the AT&T network.
* The annoying "Last Transaction" messages unless you patch it (see my earlier post).
* Android updates need to be manually applied if you want them. You have to go to the HTC website(http://www.htc.com/www/support/android/adp.html), download a couple of files and go through their update process. It's no biggie really, just 1 more thing.

I could go on, but anything else would be universally true for any ADP1 (or presumably a T-Mobile G1).

Using the Android Developer Phone 1 on AT&T

The Android Dev Phone (ADP1) working on AT&T, you have to add the AT&T access point entry to your phone when you get it. Here are the steps you need to do:

1. Go into settings and select Mobile Networks
2. Select Access Point Names
3. Click the menu button and select new APN
4. Enter the following info and save:
Name: AT&T
APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1
Leave all other fields at their defaults.

If you are trying to do this to activate a brand-new ADP1, the steps to define the APN are a little bit different but easy nonetheless if memory serves. You can activate the phone without the cell network (using wifi), but it requires a little more effort.