19 December, 2009

Upgrading Android ADP1 to Donut

I just finished upgrading my ADP1 to Donut. The icons and such look a little more polished, and supposedly the new Google Maps supports turn by turn. If the new Google Maps app works well, I may pick up a phone mount accessory for my car.

Since I use the AT&T pay as you go plan, I also needed to update the Phone app to ignore the "last transaction" messages as I did with cupcake. For those of you that are interested, you can download the modified source and compiled apk:

* PhoneUtils.java
* Phone.apk

The instructions are the same as for cupcake, so see my earlier blog post for instructions.

I have recently tried CyanogenMod on my ADP1, and this patched Phone.apk has been working fine.

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