15 January, 2010

Android Market Lacks an Educational Category

As I recently wrote, I uploaded "Suzuki Twinkle" to the Android Market. What I was disappointed to learn was that there is no "Educational" category, either as an App or a Game. I ended up selecting Application --> Reference, for lack of a better category.

Suzuki Twinkle is an educational program. While I am sure there may be plenty who may argue for their on specialized category, I hardly think that having an "Educational" category would be considered specialized.

Google - Please fix this and add an "Educational" category to the Market.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, hello, I fortunately found you. :)

    Thank you very much for your program. Android missed something like that.
    I am an adult studying how to read music and I find your program useful. I have a feature request though: would you please add the option to the program to move automatically to the next quiz when the note picked is right rather than publishing the rainbow screen? That would allow to practice MUCH faster and effectively in my opinion. I will tip you some bucks if you'll do that: promised.

    Thanks! :)